Welcome to the Cains’ Theater Page!

Our home theater was built by and for people who love movies.  The theater was built in 2001/2002 strictly for watching movies, but thanks to the advent of High Definition television (HDTV) we now watch more than just movies, down there.

If your main interest is how our theater looks today, then select ‘Photos’ from the menu bar above.  All thumbnail photos on this site can be clicked to see the photo enlarged full-screen, then if your cursor is a tiny + sign, you can click on the full screen photo to see that image zoomed to full resolution.

We enjoy having friends & family visit to watch Movies, TV Series, Concerts and Sporting Events with us.  I also enjoy talking about the theater’s design, construction and equipment, so I built this web page to share the details with anyone interested.

The Links on the menu bar above will take you to various pages where you can learn more about our theater, photos, along with links that explain the theater’s history, construction photos, information about its design, the people involved in its creation, and all the equipment it uses.

Thank you for visiting this webpage, please contact me with any questions or comments.