Like I mentioned earlier when I saw Buddy Yausey’s theater I knew the look and style I wanted.  Clean and functional, no wire or speakers in sight. 

My theater was designed by Dennis Erskine of The Erskine Group.  He has designed hundreds of Home Theaters all over the country of various sizes and budgets. He is an amazing guy with unparalleled knowledge, experience and common sense. He is also amazingly responsive, I must have emailed him a hundred questions throughout my construction phase, and I stay in touch with him to this day. 

BY FAR my best decision, once deciding on a theater, was hiring Dennis Erskine to design my theater. 

The room is approximately 18′ wide, 19′ long and 8’8″ tall.
Screen to eyeballs in front row is just shy of 11′.
The screen itself is 100″ wide and 55.5″ tall, and is curved 4″.

Click the image below to see a plan view of my theater, click again for full size.Cain's Theater Plan View